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Your Husband Deserves to be Spoiled for V-Day Too!

Attention Ladies,

Yes, I believe in showing Love every day of the year... And trust me, I go all out to make my Husband feel Special every chance I get. But it seems that the celebrated commercial holiday of Valentine's Day has been hijacked by the marketing departments, to cater it towards women in relationships. And we have accepted the medias idea that it's the Man's job to spoil his Woman on Valentine's Day and the females position themselves as the receiver of another year of an elaborate and thoughtful display of love and affection shown. But to every wife that has a husband that deserves a day of deliberate and intentional love, let’s talk about the reasons why we should make it a point to plan out their Love Day too.

But Sis, we can turn this perception around... How would your Husband's Heart and Confidence Glow after being shown: Appreciation; Affection; Attention and a Planned Spoiling?!? You have a month to plan something impressive to appeal to your husband’s relational senses, to make your man feel like a true king. Valentine’s Day is NOT just for the Men to show us love! And just like Christmas or his birthday, he deserves for you to be “Festive” about this holiday as well. This does is not at all about the expensive gift purchase. But it’s about the thoughtful planning put into him, and your use of the intuitive knowledge of what you’ve learned that he would enjoy or that would make him feel totally loved. Remember you’re the one who’s been married to him all this time, and you should have a PHD in him by now!! Invest what you’ve learned and plan out what it would take to satisfy him with pampering and spoiling him with what he likes.

If you’re fighting other issues in your marriage, it’s possible that these deliberate actions of love could catapult his heart into a healthier phase for your’ relationship. Maybe these deliberate actions of love could possibly position him to feel, speak and show love to you, his wife. I know this will cause you to be vulnerable, but this is showing intentional love out of faith info who/what you want him be, as though he was! As a Christian this is the same actions of intentional faith that is taught to us in the bible. Let’s take it even a step further, and pray over your intentional efforts of love, that these Seeds of Love will bring a bountiful harvest of love in your marriage. It’s our action that is required, for Jesus to multiply and add the supernatural increase to.

Everyone needs some investing into, from time-to-time… Let's do this Ladies!! Thoroughly plan out your future deposits into yalls’ Love Bank. You know him Best and what would Truly make his Heart Smile. It can be done within Your Financial Means! I will post some more Creative and Less Expensive ideas over the next few weeks. In 30 Days you’ll have a public opportunity coming up to Effectively Plan & Execute his Bliss.

Girl, Let’s Go ALL IN and Blow His Mind, by Making His Day & Impacting His Heart!

Make a Sista Proud Honey

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