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called to be a wife book

Historically we pay for things that we value. And if there is a financial knowledge gap in areas of investing or the expertise of physical exercise, we are willing to pay for the instruction of an accountant or the coaching of a personal trainer, to gain education and increase our skills in those respective area. We attend church to follow the teachings of a Pastor, expecting him to be refined in behavior and closer to God because of the disciplines we expect him to have mastered. And expect our Spiritual leaders to train us in the spiritual disciplines required to become a solid Christian.

The average American wedding costs at least $20,000 and a future bride will continue to pay that type of money to prepare for an 8 hour wedding day, but still not invest in herself to become the caliber of wife that can be sustained during the remaining marriage years. Just as a Preacher studies to perfect the disciplines of their calling, I will show those who are willing to learn, how to overcome their past to perfect the practical and spiritual disciplines of those called to Wifehood. Now I am presenting you the opportunity to get an education on what it looks like for us to love our husbands and ourselves through God’s eyes. Covering the areas He is holding us responsible for in: spiritual growth, practical wisdom and how to

perfect the art of love as a wife. I believe we can teach and learn the Science, Bible and Wisdom of Wifehood. We will also sort through the downright raw and REAL-LIFE challenges that the average wife truly faces in this present day. Some issues that I promise are not discussed in your typical Sunday church service. Whether married or single, you can become the caliber of wife in which your’ husband will look for new ways to reciprocate these beautiful characteristics that I will teach you and offer you bold over-whelming love, right back.

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