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7 Habits That Can Help You Avoid Backsliding

Many Christians struggle with their Christian walk and don’t know what to do. Some people just need simple steps on how to stay focused on God in the busy and distracting world we live in. Backsliding is often subtle. This is why every Christian needs to regularly use the following steps to make sure they are not backsliding from their Christian walk. Remember that God is always with you no matter how many times you backslide, but you must do your part too.

Here’s 7 steps that can help you avoid backsliding:

Examine your faith and Christian walk regularly. Examine yourself to see whether you are on the right path. And by the right path, I mean doing things that will glorify God, doing things that will make Him say… “Job well done”. Are you trying to be a better person than you were yesterday?

Turn back right away if you find yourself drifting away. Read the Bible to remember God’s faith and love, and to remember what He did for you. You’ll know when you are drifting. You will have warning signs like coldness toward spiritual things, irritability, less Bible reading, and similar things.

Come to God daily for forgiveness and the cleansing of sins. Repent of a sin you commit and try not to do it again. If thoughts of guilt come to you trying to make you think you are not forgiven, just simply ignore them and know that God has forgiven you. As long as you are struggling with sin, that means you are trying to resist the sin.

Stay in the word and keep studying and learning every day. Make a habit of reading the word of God. At first it may be hard or you may face distractions, but make an effort to make it a habit. Once you make yourself do it regularly, you will eventually grow into liking it and the word will become alive to you.

Stay in fellowship with other believers. The Christian life is not to be lived alone but with others who can strengthen you in hard times and vice versa. Simply going to church and seeing others who are wanting to know God will help you seek God more easily. Church is a good way to find friends who will hold you accountable.

Stay strong in your faith. Expect difficult times in your Christian walk. You will struggle, but don’t give in. Remember, “no pain, no gain”. The devil doesn’t want you to be a Christian and if you aren’t butting heads with the devil, you are probably going in the same direction he is.

Remind yourself of past victories. One tactic the enemy loves using is to remind you of your present situation and get you to forget what the Lord has protected you from, saved you from, and provided you with. You are a walking miracle and you may not even realize it. No matter how hard things get, continue to have faith that God has great plans for you in the future!

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