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Adia Dozier

become a sucessful wife guide
Author helping women be a wife or be a better wife
relationship book for married and single woman

Adia Dozier is a new author, a minister of the gospel, and prayer warrior, who views wifehood as a calling from God. And prides herself in being a student and teacher of biblical wisdoms for any woman desiring to one day be a wife, or to perfect their current disciplines as a wife, so they can be the best wife God has called for them to be. She chose to follow her 25-year passion for marriage ministry after her first marriage of 13 years ended abruptly in 2015. God has set her heart ablaze to teach every woman that will listen how to overcome what the enemy sent to destroy your deep desire to be a wife.

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Called to be a Wife

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Book Guide for becoming a wife


Historically we pay for things that we value. And if there is a financial knowledge gap in areas of investing or the expertise of physical exercise, we are willing to pay for the instruction of an accountant or the coaching of a personal trainer, to gain education and increase our skills in those respective area. We attend church to follow the teachings of a Pastor, expecting him to be refined in behavior and closer to God because of the disciplines we expect him to have mastered. And expect our Spiritual leaders to train us in the spiritual disciplines required to become a solid Christian.

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