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A Relationship Coach who views Wifehood as a gift from God, teaching women (single or married) to activate their SUPERPOWER and perfect their craft as a future or current Wife of Excellence! Historically, we pay for valuable information. We spend money on accountants or personal trainers when there's knowledge gap in investing or exercise. Wifehood is the only relational skill that we don’t receive formal training in but are expected to excel. Teaching women how to be: restored to Wholeness, open to Loving again & practicing the skills to becoming a Wife of Excellence!


In church, we expect our pastor to be refined in behavior and closer to God because of the disciplines he's expected to master. However, what if we invested the same strategic disciplines and granular principles into refining ourselves and perfecting our craft in our role as wives? Every other role has structured training, formal guidance, and continued educational support. Where can a woman discover the keys to embracing her God-given femininity, cultivate her relational skills, and overcome the very obstacles hardening her heart and hindering her ability to achieve sustained harmony in her romantic relationship? With an increased relational skill could we make better choices and achieve better results with better relational awareness?


As she explains in her book, “Called to be a Wife’, Adia makes it clear for any woman who’s open to understanding whether single, divorced, or widowed, that our intended calling isn’t dependent on who mishandled us, nor to the ones who walked away. And if currently married, your marriage is not bound to become a statistic! It can thrive, but only matched to the level of relational wisdom, transparent self-awareness and blessed by following biblical principles. With her faith, resilience, and empowerment, Adia stands as a beacon of hope for women who need help in navigating their relationships and seek the true transformative power found in emotional wholeness. Her journey, marked by profound loss and triumphant restoration, fuels her passion for equipping other women to embrace their divine calling as a happy and fulfilled wife. Journey with her to the very Heart of Wifehood!



Autographed Book

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